What is respite care and how could you benefit from it?

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What is respite care and how could you benefit from it?

Respite care, sometimes known as replacement care is when someone else looks after the person you are caring for, enabling you to have a break from caring duties for a period of time.

As a primary care provider, its so important to have a break from caring duties, whether it be short term to have time for yourself, or longer term to have a holiday or time away.

There are many kinds of respite care which can cater for a range of caring needs and individual circumstances including home care solutions as well as options away from the home such as day centres or residential care.

It’s worth speaking to a specialist provider such as Paterson Healthcare, about the needs of you and your loved one, in order to determine the best care programme for you.

Respite care can provide a huge range of benefits, here are just a few:

A break for the care giver

Whether you are caregiving for an elderly, ill, or disabled family member, caring is a demanding job and something you shouldn’t have to do alone. Having time away from your caring responsibilities where you can prioritise yourself is crucial to ensuring your own wellbeing. Whether it’s a few hours to catch up on sleep or socialise with friends and family, or a couple of days to allow you to completely switch off, looking after your physical and mental health will help relieve feelings of tiredness and stress. Caring for someone can feel all-consuming and sometimes quite isolating, so taking time out to do things you enjoy will give you a much-deserved boost, enabling you to feel more positive, energised and productive when you return.

Valuable interaction for the person with care needs

Respite care can be hugely beneficial for those with specialist needs as it gives them the opportunity to interact with other people whilst receiving care from a caring and compassionate professional. As with any relationship, spending too much time with each other can result in a build up of tension so breaking this cycle can help to improve the relationship between you and your loved one. Our dedicated care providers are trained to meet the individual needs of each client and so routine can be closely adhered to, however experiencing new approaches and different activities can enhance your loved one’s mood and overall wellbeing.

Peace of mind

Arranging care for a loved one can be daunting, however our compassionate care staff are guaranteed to give you peace of mind meaning you can have the break you deserve. Our experience tells us that in the long run, respite care can help to improve the relationship between a primary care giver and the person receiving care not just because you feel re-energised but because you’ll return with a fresh perspective and possibly new ideas and other resources you can draw upon. Simply knowing that you have a reliable and safe care option if and when you need it also helps to alleviate some of the pressure that care giving can have.

We’ve been providing trusted and reliable staff to the healthcare sector for more than 25 years and our top tip is to engage with respite care before you get to the point of exhaustion and burnout.

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