Inspired by a career in nursing? Here’s what you need to know…

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Inspired by a career in nursing? Here’s what you need to know…

​It has recently been reported that a record number of people have applied to study nursing at UK universities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Statistics show that applications for nursing courses have risen by almost a third (32%), compared to last year and UCAS chief executive Clare Marchant says that "Inspiring stories" from wards over the past year are responsible for the surge.[1]

The spike in interest for nursing careers has been spread across various age groups, with the number of school leavers applying hitting a record 16,560 whilst more than 10,000 aged 35 or over also applied for the first time, a rise of 39% compared to 2020.[2]

These incredible statistics show just how inspired the UK population have been by the incredible work done by healthcare professionals at their most challenging time.

Working in the healthcare sector comes with many benefits and offers a hugely rewarding career. We’re in awe of the nurses, carers, support workers, consultants, homecare workers and many other healthcare professionals that we place in much needed roles.

Here are just a few of the advantages of a career in nursing:


A career in nursing opens the opportunity to pursue so many career paths. You can choose to specialise in a specific sector such as mental health, children care, physiotherapy, emergency response teams, elderly care or midwifery and you can be in control of your own career path. It’s reported that there are 350 career options within the NHS alone, so the healthcare world really is your oyster.

Job satisfaction 

There’s no doubt that healthcare professionals work extremely hard and this year has reinforced the levels of dedication and commitment required. However, something that is commonly reported is the level of job satisfaction that comes with a career in nursing. A job in nursing and healthcare is one that makes a significant difference to people's lives, every single day. Furthermore, the levels of camaraderie between healthcare teams are unlike any other. Team work really is at the core of the workplace and this has a positive impact on employee wellbeing and motivation.

Job security

The pandemic has shone a harsh spotlight on just how much nurses are in demand. This isn’t a new thing and while other sectors are facing long term cuts, the Government has pledged to adding 50,000 more nurses to the NHS workforce by 2025. With this in mind, a career in nursing is a secure option and one which is extremely rewarding. With opportunities to progress, work in different teams and in different specialisms, a long-term career in healthcare will never stagnate, it will only mean more time to learn, grow and develop your career in whichever way you choose.


The healthcare sector recognises the importance of flexibility in the workplace. Nursing is one of the few professions that offers multiple opportunities for flexibility in scheduling, work settings, and specialisation. There are options to work full-time or part-time, some healthcare professionals work flexitime and others may reduce their hours temporarily to suit their lifestyle, for example while they are bringing up a family.

Huge scope for progression 

Having job security is all well and good but if there’s no room to grow in your workplace it’s unlikely you’ll want to stay long term. The healthcare sector offers huge scope for growth, in fact professional development is a top priority of the sector. An added benefit is that with so many career options available in healthcare you can explore which you are best suited to and once you find something you love, you can dedicate your energy to working your way up in a specific department.

If you’re interested in a career in the healthcare sector and want to find out more our team are always happy to help. We recruit for a range of jobs across, covering a variety of healthcare professions so if you’re looking for your next opportunity, contact us today.