​How Technology is Revolutionising Home Care

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​How Technology is Revolutionising Home Care

Innovations in technology have been enhancing care services for years but the last 12 months have seen a rapid take up of tech solutions by care providers and users. Increased demand from service users, additional funding, and the need to adapt to new ways of working all added to a speedy adoption of digital solutions across the sector with fantastic results.

Utilising technology is helping to improve standards of care as well as quality of life of care users. Here are just a few reasons why:

Efficient Care in Real Time

Utilising digital and cloud-based solutions not only saves hours in paperwork, but it allows care providers to deliver care more efficiently.  Health workers can log all information into a secure management system, meaning everyone involved in patients care programme is kept up to date with the latest information. Care providers can be alerted in real time if there are any issues with their patients and action can be taken immediately, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the service user. This collaborative and transparent way of working allows concerns to be identified and dealt with before complications arise.

Smart Homes are Safer Homes

Connected devices are helping to make the home a safer place for care users to live. The innovations are diverse and impressive and can mean the difference between someone living in their home or moving into residential care. A great example of a digital solution that can benefit people with mobility issues who struggle to answer the door is an internet-connected door lock system which enables health workers to safely enter the home. Access can be controlled through a smart device and family members can be alerted of who has entered the home and when, providing peace of mind and improved security.


A major concern throughout the pandemic balancing the number of people a care user was in contact with whilst also ensuring they were receiving the best level of care. As a result, many care providers began using telemedicine devices which allow them to monitor key elements of a patients care remotely. Devices include in-home blood pressure cuffs, finger clips that record heart rate and blood oxygen levels, a device that measures blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes and more. Abnormal readings trigger an alert, and a practitioner can respond accordingly. Remote monitoring is a great time saving tool for care givers and reduces the risk of transmitting any viruses

Personalised service

Utilising patient data enables care providers to deliver a much more personalised level of care. Digitalisation also helps to alleviate time pressures on care providers meaning they can use their time more efficiently, delivering high quality, personalised care to the end user. Medical staff can access patient information securely on their mobile devices meaning a more consistent level of care for the client no matter who visits them. It’s proven that more personalised level of care has a huge impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Increased independence

There’s no doubt that advances in technology are empowering individuals when it comes to independent living. Connected devices throughout the home become the eyes and ears for care, making independent living a reality for so many people who would otherwise end up in residential care. Furthermore, video calling via smart phones and tablets help care users stay connected with loved ones and carers at the click of a button, helping to combat loneliness and improving overall wellbeing. The option for care workers to provide a remote diagnosis can help speed up treatment and benefits individuals with mobility difficulties.

Innovations in technology are not only helping to manage people’s conditions in a home setting, but it’s also providing cost effective, time saving solutions that enhance the overall standard of care.

It’s an exciting time for the health care and home care sectors and it’s amazing to see the application of technology enhancing the lives of clients.

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