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The Benefits of Care in your own Home

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The Benefits of Care in your own Home

We recently wrote a blog discussing the future of care homes following the devastating number of coronavirus deaths in residential homes across the UK.

A survey conducted by The Policy Exchange and Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) revealed a growing crisis of trust in the social care system, with 31% of people saying they were less likely to seek residential care for their elderly relatives than before the crisis.

In addition, 40% of over 65’s said they were less likely to consider residential care for themselves.[1]

The impacts of the coronavirus are going to be long lasting and there is no doubt that home care will be a more appealing care option for many elderly people and their relatives.

Choosing the right care option isn’t an easy decision but there are multiple benefits to home care.

  • A Sense of Normality

For most people, home is safe space filled with comforts and memories which is why home care is the preferred option for so many. This option allows an elderly relative to stick to their routine as much as possible; they can still get up and go to bed at the same time, have flexible mealtimes and socialise when they want to. In comparison, going into residential care comes with a lot of change and upheaval which can be extremely unsettling, particularly for those people with conditions such as dementia.

  • Maintaining Independence

Studies suggest that more elderly people 'fear losing independence in old age than death.'[2]If your elderly relative is someone that’s been independent all their lives and is used to making decisions for themselves, giving this up to go into residential care is a terrifying prospect. Receiving care in their own home gives them a sense of empowerment and independence, both of which improve overall mental wellbeing. Furthermore, having the ability to stick to their regular routine will help to keep their mind active and alert.

  • Personalised Care

Care in the home means that an elderly relative will get one to one focus and support from a healthcare professional. A full assessment is undertaken to establish their requirements and following discussions with all those involved, including family and the client themselves, a personalised care plan is prepared. Strong bonds are formed between carers and their elderly clients through the delivery of meaningful and bespoke care. Carers become a trusted companion, often alleviating feelings of loneliness.

  • Affordability

Residential care is expensive and for many elderly people, it means selling their home to pay for it. This can be upsetting and makes the move feel much more final. Care in the home is both more affordable and more flexible. Relatives can have as much or as little care as they need, and this can be reviewed regularly. The cost of home care will depend on the requirements of the individual for example, a full time, live in carer will be more expensive than having a healthcare professional visit a few times a week.  

  • Improved wellbeing

Studies have shown elderly people thrive when living in their own homes compared to living in a residential home. Maintaining their independence, actively socialising and keeping to their personal routine all help with this. Home care empowers loved ones to be more active and to do things on their own, but help is also at hand should they need it. Having more options gives them a sense of freedom which improves both their physical and mental health.

  • Peace of mind

It is totally normal to worry about an elderly loved one but there is no doubt that this worry and concern has grown significantly since the coronavirus outbreak. Elderly people have been disproportionately affected and there has been much criticism over the way the virus spread so rapidly through care homes. Care in the home has become a much more attractive option simply for piece of mind that elderly relatives are in a safe environment.

Paterson Health & Social Care are experienced in providing care at home packages for people with varying needs. These include but are not limited to:-

  • Support for people with learning and/or physical disabilities

  • 24 hour live in care

  • Hospital to home care

  • Full time personal homecare

  • Nursing Care

For more information please speak to our experienced care team.

Call us on 01869 325530.