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Tracey Campbell - Paterson Health and Social Care Recruitment

Paterson Health and Social Care was founded in 1994 as a specialist division of the Paterson Group.

General Manager and Registered Nurse, Tracey Campbell brought a wealth of experience of both the medical profession and recruitment to the creation of PHC. “We wanted to create a uniquely human experience for job seekers and staff recruiters alike. We believe that through developing a close working relationship with all of our “customers” we can offer them a service which accurately meets their requirements. Our customer retention is extremely strong as a direct result of this approach. By striving for the highest standards in worker recruitment and customer service, we are able to help influence the quality of person centred care and support that we and our customers aim to deliver.”

“Paterson Health and Social Care has gained an enviable reputation for the cost effective and highly efficient services we offer our clients, as well as the calibre of the health and social care personnel supplied. Our position as the supplier of choice for many high profile clients has been achieved through high standards of service delivery, quality, efficiency and competitiveness.”


Tracey Campbell
General Manager
Paterson Health and Social Care
01869 325530

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